Postcard from Tonga

Sietec Senior Engineer, Stephen Dawbin, recently travelled to Nuku’alofa to install a Unify OSB V2 X8 + Contact Centre into the MEIDECC (Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Climate Change and Communications), a department of the Government of Tonga.

A Huge Leap in Technology

Stephen explains the difference the system will make to every day communications for the department:

Amongst approximately 70 staff, only 24 people had extensions off their old Panasonic system – a system that didn’t even have voicemail. Other staff had individual analogue landlines which means it is impossible for calls to be transferred at all. In one department team, six people share one cordless phone.

Once fully cutover everybody will have their own extension and voicemail and we are also configuring a Contact Centre for several departments.

Congratulations to the Sietec team on another successful install!