Avoid The Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Phone System

Deciding which communication solutions are right for your business is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid.

1 Buying on price.

When it comes to technology, you really do get what you pay for and “paying twice” after realizing a mistake has been made, is not an experience that anyone enjoys.

2 Assuming credibility & competence by association.

Buying from the company that supports your printers / copiers / coffee machines / etc, or the company that does your electrical cabling / plumbing / window treatments …. This would be self-explanatory you’d think, but you would be surprised how often such relationships, no matter how tenuous, can lead to disastrous consequences elsewhere in the business.

3 Settling For Less

Settling for a solution that “does most of what we want” will invariably result in disappointment.  Lowering your expectations (often to justify a price-advantage) and therefore lowering the actual deliverable benefits to the business.

4 Failing to Test A Potential Suppliers Credentials

It’s important to get check the references of your potential supplier – do they only have a few or is there a long list of customers that speak highly of them?   Reputations are earned and others who have engaged with a prospective technology supplier will have a view on them, good or bad. Don’t find out the bad through a newspaper article on a Sunday morning.

5 Following the Trend

Whatever the latest buzz-word; is that technology/solution/deployment model actually the right one for your business?  Speak to experts and canvas a range of opinions to get a good understanding of just what the solution offers.  What is right for some is not a forgone conclusion to be right for others.

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Rob Currie

Rob joined Sietec in 1997 (yes the internet existed back then, just!). He's their Group Business Manager, roving Problem-Solver and all round good guy.