When is the best time to upgrade your phone system?

It’s easy to underestimate the impact that having reliable telecommunications technology has on your business – don’t!

There is a perception that phone systems “always work” therefore no time is spent considering what would happen if it fails, until it actually does happen.  At that point, there’s immediate activity and demands for urgent support as you’re (potentially) losing business – losing clients!

So what could go wrong?

Well the answer to that is that there are multiple things that, alone, could impact on any businesses communications and only a handful of those relate directly to the communications platform itself.  Power outages are a common cause of disruption as is the “human factor” and who hasn’t picked up the phone to no dial-tone whilst some men in a van were seen working “down the road”?

Leaving a decision on a major piece of a companies infrastructure until the risk is deemed so high that action absolutely must be taken and soon, is not good practice for obvious reasons. But how then, do you know when to look at upgrading?

The following scenarios are common reasons that a new telecommunications system should be investigated:


Business Is Booming

When things are going well, it’s likely you’ll be hiring for staff, even increasing office space.  You may quickly outgrow the functions and capabilities of your current telecommunications systems.


New Building or Office Space

You might be adding on a couple of offices or moving buildings entirely.  Take the opportunity to see whether your existing system should be moving with you.  Your change of address might open you up to technologies and service you weren’t previously able to access and it’s a great time to analyse what it is your telecommunications system needs to do in it’s new location.


Your Current System is Failing

Calls are dropping out, your Contact Centre won’t integrate with Social Media – there are a myriad of reasons why your existing phone system is not meeting your current business needs.

Whether you want to own your own gear, rent it or lease it on a per-user per-month basis as a cloud solution, like then Nike slogan says, you just have to do it.

Talk to your exisiting provider and learn more about the options that you have. At Sietec every one of our 1400 + clients have solutions that are highly featured and reliable but they are not bullet-proof and some level of upkeep or updating is recommended as a regular activity. It is like anything else, a little time spent in prevention is far better than an ounce of cure as the impact of the “illness” can be far-reaching and expensive.

Don’t leave it until the worst has happened before you start asking questions.  Ensure you start thinking about upgrading your system before you have to  – this will mean you can make an unhurried, informed decision, based on your current and future needs.