Is Your Business Being Held Back By Your Phone System?

Effective and efficient communication fuels business growth.

Take our quick test to determine if your current phone system is holding you back.


1.  Is your phone system more than 5-years old?

2.  Are you still paying for land to company-mobile calls?

3.  Do customers complain that they “get cut-off”?

4.  Is trying to get hold of a particular staff member an exercise in frustration?

5.  Does your phone bill include Centrex services?

Other Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Phone System

1.   Does it take you longer than 15-seconds to contact the staff member you want to speak to?

2.   It is more than 3-years since you audited your telephone bill?

3.   You are not using SIP services yet?

4.   Staff have to routinely tell callers “you can get them by dialling XX-XXX-XXXX” instead of transfering the call.

5.   There is no link between your website or social media accounts and your customer service department.


If you answered yes to any of these questions you're probably already thinking about new solutions. Talk to Sietec about the range of phone system possibilities available today!