So What Exactly Is A Managed Solution?

It’s Taking Care of Business – Yours.

Considering your businesses communications without a Managed Communication Solution – you have multiple suppliers today, receive multiple invoices each month and whenever something goes wrong with the phone service, you always get the run around no matter which company you call first!

Sietec’s Managed Solutions are turn-key and can include;
  •  All hardware
  • All software
  • Manufacturers Software Assurance
  • Sietec Priority-1 Service Level cover
  • All user licenses
  • Power for all IP Phones
  • Softphones for PC/Laptop users who want to dispense with the traditional desktop handset
  • Mobile clients for those who’d like to go mobile-only or simply extend their desk-phone features to their mobile device
  • Sietec Project management
  • Sietec Engineering
  • Sietec Training
  • VDSL or UFB service
  • Mobile service (incl handsets and mobile plans)
  • New SIP services
  • Competitive SIP calling rates
  • Hosted in Sietec’s own secure and highly available data centres (Akld & Wgtn)
  • Online billing portal (view all call details and charges and run reports)
  • All remote adds moves and changes and management
  • Single point of contact for ALL services, fault and support requests

Terms are variable and attractive and clients can add/remove users at any time during their term with no penalty.

With Sietec’s Managed Solutions there is NO;
  • Client administration
  • Upfront capital outlay
  • Lock-in to technology that is aging
  • Confusion about who to call for support

Sound good?

Pay only for what you need, when you need it and put your energies back into servicing your clients and growing your business.

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