Is VoIP Right For Your Business?

“I want a Cloud solution. Is that VoIP? But I don’t want SIP”

This is an excerpt of an actual conversation I had with a prospective client recently. That’s because while everyone has heard of Cloud Solutions there’s still a lot of confusion about what that actually means.

Cloud uses VoIP to connect the Hosted Comm’s platform to the client’s offices and 100% of Cloud solutions use SIP as the backend delivery mechanism for their lines and calling services. If he went Cloud then he’d get SIP, he’d have no choice, but it was really just a matter of education. SIP is ubiquitous today, proven reliable across millions of installations worldwide and very cost-effective when compared to legacy ISDN and Analogue delivery services. (SIP is where the largest $-savings are commonly found)

They had an aged Pabx system and quite rightly they were looking to replace it and gain some technology advantages for their business while also hopefully garnering some $-savings? The fact is that VoIP is simply a delivery method. If your Comm’s solution is going to be Cloud or Hosted (not on your premises), then the delivery mechanism is going to be VoIP (Voice over IP). i.e. The voice connections will use the data-network and not the traditional copper-cabling.

In this particular case the prospect had an onsite Paging System, an expensive Analogue Conference Phone and two Cordless Phones that he wanted to reuse. An onsite system would do that just fine as well as give them all of the latest technology advances. The same outcomes could be achieved using that same technology hosted offsite “in the Cloud” but there’d be a small onsite Adaptor or Gateway required to support those legacy devices anyway.

After detailed discussion and qualification we offered a new-generation Comm’s solution delivered onsite but via our Technology Lease operating model. This allowed the client to enjoy the latest technology, the resultant business benefits and the ongoing $-savings using a per-connection per-month lease that could expand or contract with their staff numbers. i.e. They would only ever be paying for actually what they were using.

The delivery method for the on-premises solution – VoIP. The flavour of lines/trunk services – SIP

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Rob Currie

Rob joined Sietec in 1997 (yes the internet existed back then, just!). He's their Group Business Manager, roving Problem-Solver and all round good guy.