Join Sietec, See The World I

By Brendon Jay, Operations Manager for Sietec Group

As most of you know I’ve worked with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for nearly 20 years and have been lucky enough to travel to many countries over the years. Over the past months, I’ve had 6 projects approved over 4 countries Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and Kiribati and the last 2 weeks Ken & I have been in Samoa re-cabling 3 buildings from Cat 5 to Cat 6 totally 230 outlets. The work is physically challenging and the heat can be mentally draining as most your day is within a ceiling at around 50 degrees, we’d drink an average of 6L of liquid a day and never once stop for a toilet break

Some of you have joined me on overseas projects and know what challenges each location can have….Mark Whitfield was caught in a Typhoon, had food poisoning at least twice, Craig Murray experienced heat stroke last year and I’ve had my fair share of mishaps BUT I know each person has enjoyed their experience.

I also had the opportunity to visit Budapest Hungary in June to attend the Unify Conference. Over 350 Unify partners attended with eight from Australia & New Zealand. The event was well organised and Budapest is a truly beautiful city and would recommend visiting.

Budapest view across the river Danube