OpenScape Business SSP Renewal – FAQs

Why do I have to upgrade?

Unify Software Assurance and vendor support are combined in a bundle “Software Support” and included in the OpenScape Business product price for the first 3 years.  That 3 years begins to expire from December 2016 for Version 1 systems so it’s time to upgrade to Version 2 to secure the continuation of your software support.

Software-based communication systems are increasingly being used to leverage the global reach of the internet and SIP Carrier connectivity that has replaced traditional TDM interfaces. State-of-the-art products integrate into the customer’s business processes and their IT environment. OpenScape Business supports this and is setting benchmarks in many areas. However to support these market trends, an ongoing investment in new features and security patches on short notice is essential, which is why Unify switched from major releases every ~18 months to a more agile software model of delivering new product features, patches and security updates on a regular release cycle of 2-3 months.

In addition, the software industry’s best practice of maintaining an internet integrated system in the customer work processes and the local IT infrastructure is to ensure a continuous support model.

In summary Software Support provides key benefits to customers:

·      Software maintenance backed by Unify assures the customer that their support is comprehensive

·      Continual access through their resellers to software updates / upgrades (including security fixes)

Download the Full FAQs document below:

SSP Renewal FAQs_for Customers_Dec_2015