Does Your Phone System Scale With Your Business?

Does your phone system scale with your business?  Use our checklist to find out what questions to ask.


1 What are the maximum user numbers your company requires? (include both desk-bound and mobile staff).
Does the proposed solution cater for that number with an expansion capability sufficient for expected company growth over the next 5-years?

2 Can the solution support all user-types/roles that are relevant to your company? (tick what applies).
[   ]  Desk-phone users
[   ]  Softphone users
[   ]  Any type of Mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry | Mobile & Tablet)
[   ]  Teleworkers
[   ]  Remote Contact Centre Agents

3 As regards user-types and roles, what conditions or limitations apply to each as some may be rendered unusable or impractical due to those restrictions. Find out beforehand, don’t learn the hard way.

4 Can you add users individually?
Incredibly, one current (2016) solution allows expansion only in minimum packs of 50!

5 Hosted UC solutions typically offer unlimited scale on a per-user, per-month payment basis.
You can keep consuming the solution as long as you keep paying and you can (generally) add more users at will but check what impact doing so has on your original contract term?
–  At the end of a fixed-term you can resign for more-of-the same, continue on a casual pay-as-you-go basis or elect to go elsewhere.
–  What you cannot do is stop paying (someone), so be sure to understand the ongoing financial commitment that you are making when you go to “the cloud”