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Call our Service Desk on
0800 800 989

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

1 Sietec's Service Centres are staffed from 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.

2 After hours calls will be responded to by our Automated Attendant and you'll be given the option to log an urgent or non-urgent service request.

3Our Engineers will fix the fault and advise the relevant contacts that the job is complete.

Project Management

This is where the magic happens. We know that a successful network implementation usually involves a number of different organisations, resources and personnel and they all need to know what they are doing and when. Sietec Project Managers take ownership of all technical, developmental, quality assurance and implementation issues to do with the project and they're the experts at ensuring the project is delivered within cost, scope and time parameters.


We have designed and installed some of the most sophisticated multi-vendor networks in New Zealand and overseas. When it comes to integrating voice and data solutions it’s our wealth of experience that sets us apart from our competitors. Our number one goal during install is to ensure the transition is as seamless and stress-free as possible for you and your staff.


It happens. Even the best designed and implemented solutions can experience faults from time to time. To help keep your solution running smoothly, we will tailor a unique support plan to match your exact business needs. Our nationwide fleet of highly trained engineers utilise sophisticated IT support processes, including remote diagnostics, to quickly diagnose and fix any issues.

Upgrades & Relocations

Modern business is dynamic and we'll ensure your telecommunications solutions can keep up. You might wish to add services for an entire company or change the system setup for just one location - our support team has it covered. And if you're on the move, be it across the office or across the country you can rely on us to relocate your team's communications smoothly and efficiently.


Our solutions are designed to be user-friendly but there's nothing quite like having an expert show you how to get the best out of something. Our dedicated trainers know their stuff and more importantly they'll get everyone in your business up to speed quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Account Management

Your dedicated Account Manager looks after your business and is familiar with your account history and current systems - they're the "Go-to-Guys" if you need advice or assistance around any of your current and future communications and IT solutions. Their proven depth of knowledge in the ICT field makes them the perfect choice for objective consultation about future possibilities for your business communications.