Integrated Security

Sietec provides a huge array of solutions to meet every business’s security needs
as well as the experience and expertise to design bespoke integrations.

Secure your business

We are a leading provider of solutions in the electronic security and specialized telecommunication sectors to integrators, installers and end-users.

Whether you are considering a new initiative or an upgrade to a legacy system, our expert team can help identify the right options for you.


Network & Telephony System Security

SieTec Security Ltd works with installers and integrators alike to ensure a complete working solution for the end user.

These solutions can involve multiple technologies integrated together to form a total system, meeting end users specifications.

Mainly working in the field of IP we specialise IP and SIP endpoints.

Our main suppliers are based out of Europe, Israel and Canada.

  • Integrated Access Control

  • Analogue and SIP Compliant Door Phones

  • Visitor Entry

  • Wireless P2P and MESH Ethernet links

  • SIP Compliant Intercoms

  • Asset Tracking

  • IP ONVIF CCTV Cameras

  • RFID

  • Remote IP Relays

  • Remote Barrier & Vehicle Entry Control

  • Network Video Recorders

  • IP Public Address and Audio Systems

  • Industrial Telephones

  • Biometrics

  • Time & Attendance System

Is your business at risk?

Find out with Sietec’s System Audit service and ensure your business is as secure as it needs to be. We can quickly assess the pain points and give you advice on how to fix them.

Secure Your Phone Systems

    Plus download our effective Hacking Counter Measures Guide For Telephone Systems.