We see opportunity

Sietec provides leading technology and communication solutions through clever, concise analysis, of your businesses unique requirements.

Sietec supplies telecommunications solutions to all segments of the NZ market – from small businesses up to large corporates. These solutions encompass a full range of functionalities required for businesses today, and beyond. The technologies we deploy are top-tier technologies with both of our key brands, Unify and Mitel, being in the top five communication product manufacturers in the world.

Backing these world-class product ranges is the Sietec team, who have an unparalled wealth of knowledge in the telecommunications sector. Trusting your communications to Sietec provides you the freedom to put your focus where it should be – achieving your core business goals.

How we work.

1 The Conversation You talk, we listen (ok, we'll probably talk a bit too).

It's a chance for your team and our team to drill down through the complexities of your business communications to clarify our starting point, and between us, uncover what features and functionality your business really needs.

2The Demonstration After identifying the best solution fit to your requirements, we'll show it to you.

And because no two finished solutions are ever the same, our expert team will work with you here to finalise the design of a bespoke solution, based on your specifications and budget.

3 The Proposal

We take all the information and findings and create your tailored proposal. It's a comprehensive (yet concise) summary of your businesses needs-analysis and requirements, based on our discussions with you. The proposal includes the full solution scope and rationale and a clear fully itemised financial summary with payment options.

What you get.


We seek to address all issues that exist within the clients communication structure, which often encompass a range of old and diverse PABX type platforms. Through dialog and analysis we aim to come to an understanding of what a client's business needs are, and how that fits with their communcations today. This process enables us to identify the best solution options be for their communications needs going forward.


A correctly designed and deployed modern communication system releases untapped growth potential that's been previously constrained due to technology, staff or process limitations. Simply put - Sietec solutions result in businesses being more efficient in the way they deliver their services to their clients.

Pay As You Consume

Another benefit for your business is the ability to pay for what you wish to consume on a monthly basis - as much or as little as you need. This can be varied from month to month as your staffing or business requirements vary. If you want to increase functionality then those staff that need that increase can be enjoying it quickly and you only pay for what you use. Your bean counters will be happy too because no upfront capex is great for cashflow.

Enterprise Functionality

Get access to enterprise level solutions, no matter the size of your business. Sietec solution affordability means a small NZ business can access the functions normally reserved to an enterprise business and in a cloud consumption model you'll be paying only the same per person, per month rate that’s available to corporates. The outcome is that advanced features and functionality are now within reach of any business, regardless of the size and scale.